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Alejandro Jiménez is a Mexican-Canadian director based in Montreal. Involved on fictions and corporate videos, he works and develops projects in both countries.

He began his filmmaking career at Paideia film school in México in 2007, and attended a program in directing at L’Inis films school in Montreal in 2010.

With focus on fiction, he explores the cinematic storytelling in about ten short-films; he also works creating video content in corporate and cultural domains, with special focus on artistic performances.  

He represented Canada and L’inis Films School at Films School fest Munich / Germany in 2011 with his short Opalescence; the same year, this short-film won “Best Fiction Film” at Skena Up Kosovo Film Fest.  He has been invited twice to attend the Morelia Film Fest – FICM (Mexico) with his shorts Opalescence in 2011 and Dissonance in 2013.

His work long

A part of his filmography has been shown in others international festivals such as: Open St. Petersburg Student Film Fest / Russia, Festival du nouveau cinema (FNC) / Canada, World films festival (FFM) / Canada, Fantasia / Canada, Skena Up Students Film Festival / Kosovo, International Student Film Fest Pisek / Republic Czech. Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois / RVCQ - Canada, Regent Park Film Fest / Canada, Lucania Film Fest / Italy, Prishtina International Film Fest (PriFest) / Kosovo and BUSHO International Film Fest / Hongrie.